Operational Quality

SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS UK's paramount priority is quality, in terms of product, manufacturing procedures, quality assurance, personnel and service. A model SAINT-GOBAIN plant, it is operated under ISO 9001:2000 control, manufacturing float glass in accordance with BS EN 572 2004 parts 1 and 2.


Capitalising on the Group's integration of Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS UK can offer its customers the best service in terms of product choice, availability, order management and logistics. As a leader in manufacturing, processing and distribution of flat glass in Europe, Saint-Gobain Glass now CE marks a selection of its products and publishes the CE declaration of performances for these products on the dedicated website www.saint-gobain-glass.com/ce.


Saint-Gobain Glass BSI Certificate FM 80001


Saint-Gobain Glass BSI Certificate OHS 525045